Friday, 8 August 2008

About, is a website that gives free public access to two live DNS servers. This allows people to set up DNS for their website, if their webhost or registrar does not provide it for them. It also can be used to add extra redundancy to a website, that has experienced DNS resolution problems in the past.

FreeNameServers is a website developed by Open Merchant Account Ltd, a company perhaps more known for it's Sage components and SMS websites. However, for once this venture is entirely philanthropic. Our kind of Corporate social responsibility so to speak. Giving something back to the internet in the form of something genuinely useful, and genuinely free.

Is this service reliable?, is probably one of the main questions you may ask. And I guess we'd be as reliable as most other webhost's DNS systems. In the IT world computers can fail without warning, and we do have redundancy on 2 DNS servers, which is the norm. If you need more than that, then try, they offer 5 DNS server redundancy.

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