Saturday, 18 April 2009

DNS hosting for .su (Soviet Union) IDN domains

I've just put the first IDN domain on, a mere 600 Rubles (£12) from NIC.RU/EN.

The domain is бесплатныесмс.su, ("Besplatnye SMS") which resolves via puny code to - The .su TLD actually refers to the Soviet Union, which is a TLD that ICANN is trying to revoke at the moment, at the behest of the Russian NIC.

The official TLD of Russia is .ru, but Google still recognises .su as a official domain name, and my personal feeling that trying to uproot 17 Million websites (search in Google), would be something that the Russian NIC wouldn't do lightly.

Furthermore, is only selling IDN domains for .su, not .ru. Which is a bit wierd.

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