Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Free domain name registration


The Polish Domain Registry (DNS.PL) allows free direct registration of .com.pl domain names, and possibly others.

All you need are two DNS servers, which you can use our free dns servers
and, you need to sign and fax an agreement to them.

To think, Uniweb have the cheek to charge 54 euros for a free service!.


FreebieSMS said...

Actually, there appears to be a small fee after all.

But 7.5 PLN is only 1.44 GBP, so extremely cheap.

Service PLN net price
.PL domain registration 10
Functional e.g. .com.pl domain registration 7.5
Regional e.g. .waw.pl domain registration 2.5
Renewal of .PL domain names * 40
Renewal of functional domain names * 30
Renewal of regional domain names * 10
Renewal of .PL IDN domain names 10
Renewal of functional IDN domain names 7.5
Renewal of regional IDN domain names 2.5

FreebieSMS said...

Actually, I'm wrong, I got an invoice in the post today, the price is actually 150 PLN

150 Polish zloty = 33.2117711 Euros

The fees I read were registrar fees.

Still Uniweb is making a 50 euro profit per domain!