Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Price comparison for .gr (Greek) domain names

Shopping around for a .GR (Greek) domain name, I came up with the following prices

Papaki.gr - 20 Euros / 2 Years
Pointer.gr - 17 euros / 2 years
dnhost.gr - 17.85 euros / 2 years
domains.gr - 23.68 euros / 2 years
hyperhosting.gr - 19.04 euros / 2 years
aws.gr - 20 euros / 2 years
EuroDNS - 35 Euros / 2 years

The two cheapest, Pointer.gr and dnhost.gr don't have an english version, however, many common words are in english, but to be honest, I prefer to pay an extra 2 euros, to be more comfortable that I don't have to rely on Google Translate to deal with tech. Support.

A few second level domains are emerging in Greece, such as the common .com.gr, .net.gr, .org.gr, and the less common .co.gr, and the newly promoted .aws.gr

In Greece, the Greek alphabet is used rather than the latin alphabet, so IDN domains are rising in popularity, but it is still possible to transliterate words from Greek to Latin.