Monday, 26 October 2009

Registering a Slovenian (.si) domain name

When setting up a Slovenian (.si) domain name, you can check the DNS setup with this tool on , the slovenian NIC.

When working correctly, the results should be:


Automatically is being checked:

  • domain name registration
  • number of NS records
  • values in SOA record
  • consistency of SOA and NS records
  • authority of given nameservers
  • activity of email address in SOA record

DNS checking is based on following standards and recommendations:

Lines in report that start with:

  • OK: are messages about successful tests
  • INFO: are informative messages
  • WARN: are messages about potentially problematic settings
  • ERROR: are error messages

ERROR: line is usually followed by a group of INFO: lines that describe possible reasons for errors.

Note: Messages describing errors can be repeated in predelegation process
if checkings are performed in different phases of the process.

If you notice domain name repeatedly in error messages, for example:

INFO: Primary MX record for 10

this means you forgot to put an '.' at the end of the record, which results in default addition of local domain.

Whole procedure and possible error reasons can be found below.

For additional information about domain delegation, please contact your registrar.

WARN: Domain name already has following DNS records: 86400 IN NS 86400 IN NS

INFO: Testing if domain name is registered
OK: Domain is registered

INFO: Checking SOA record for on
INFO: SOA record for on ; domain ; email
604800 ; expire
10800 ; minimum ; origin
10800 ; refresh
3600 ; retry
2009102601 ; serial
OK: SOA zapis za na domenskem stre┼żniku obstaja

INFO: Checking NS records for on

INFO: NS records for on are:,
INFO: Computer has IP numbers:
INFO: Computer has IP numbers:
OK: NS records are OK

INFO: Checking values in SOA record

INFO: Primary nameserver change ->
WARN: Refresh time (10800) is not in the zone of recommended values [28800-86400]
WARN: Minimum TTL time (10800) is not in the zone of recommended values [86400-432000]
OK: SOA record is OK

INFO: Checking if email in SOA record is active

INFO: MX record with preference 20 on
INFO: MX record with preference 10 on
INFO: MX record with preference 30 on
INFO: Primary MX record for 10
OK: Email address on is probably active.

INFO: Checking consistency of NS and SOA records

OK: NS records for on and are the same
OK: SOA records for on and are the same
OK: NS and SOA records are the same on all nameservers
OK: Nameservers for on are the same as nameservers in registry.


OK: Domena ustreza kriterijem za vpis v DNS.

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