Sunday, 11 July 2010

CO.CC sites can be geotargetted in Google!

In Google webmaster tools, you can choose a country to target your .com, .net or .org domain, where there is no particular country associated with the TLD.

This means, if you have a .com domain selling Pizzas in prestwick, you don't want Terry from Arkansas asking if you can deliver to his house. So, you can say, my .com is for UK visitors. Giving you a boost in the UK, where you need it, and a drop everywhere else where you don't

You can't do this with a .ie or .fr domain, since google says, that if you buy a .ie, you must be targetting ireland, and you can't change that.

However, it doesn't have the same view on domains (Cocos Islands), and actually lets you say that my is not for residents of the Cocos islands, but I'd like to sell to america, or india or whatever.

Best bit is, that domains are free for the most part, and you can set them up on our nameservers for free too!

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