Thursday, 8 July 2010

How to check if a DNS change is propagating

Sometimes, you make a change to the DNS at your registrar, and nothing happens for a day. You could be forgiven for wondering if anything has changed, or if the change is just propagating.

Simple way to check this is, find out a name server responsible for the top level domain, or in the case that you bought a second level domain, a level above your domain.

For example, with, the level above my domain is, I can find the responsible Name servers for with:

C:\Windows\system32>nslookup -q=ns
Server: dir-615

Non-authoritative answer: nameserver = nameserver = internet address =

Then, I can check the record held by this DNS server with a specific NSLookup request

C:\Windows\system32>nslookup -q=ns
Address: nameserver = nameserver = nameserver =

Even though at the time of writing, the change (the addition of a third nameserver) hadn't propagated to my laptop.

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