Sunday, 8 August 2010

Price comparison for Hungarian domain names

I was looking to buy a .co.Hu domain name, a second level hungarian domain.My first check was EuroDNS which offered .co.HU at 28 euro per year. However, swapping to and searching for "domain regisztráció" comes up with alot of offers much cheaper, but mainly sites with no english translation.

The first possibility was offering .HU domains at 3,500 HUF or 12 Euros. Much cheaper than EuroDNS, but no option for The next I looked at weas, offering 34 euros for 2 years for a Working out at 17 euros per year, or 11 euros cheaper than eurodns.

WebSAS was similar to, offering .HU domains at 3,500 HUF (12 euro), but no DotRoll offered even cheaper at 9 euros per year, with a 2 year minimum. But no either.

Macaria, offered at 21 GBP (25 Euro) for two years, making it the cheapest for, but I missed the point that it takes 4 weeks to register, which is awful.

So, in short, if you're looking for a .HU domain, go to DotRoll, if you're looking for a in a hurry, go to, and if you can wait 4 weeks, go to macaria.