Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Namecheap in Euro

I asked namecheap if they could bill in currencies other than USD, and this was their reply

 Sorry, we do not plan to introduce billing in currencies other than USD. Domain trade is done is this currency and *even if* we billed you in another one, it would include all bank charges that might be greater than those of your bank. Thus, there's no real need for billing in multiple currencies.

You might request our developers to add the rates in other currencies as well, but these would be nothing more than values for your information that do not include any bank charges, etc.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Chinese registry is verifying every email address for .CN holders.

The .CN Registry is conducting a drastic verification of the details provided by .CN holders for their domain name registrations.

In order to operate this verification, CNNIC will soon send an email containing a verification link to the email address appointed to the holder of every .CN domain name.

This being, you/your customer will need to read and click on the verification link provided in the Chinese Registry email.

Please be informed that failing to comply with this verification process will automatically conduct to the deletion of your/ your customer(s) domain name(s).

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Find other sites on the same webserver

If you are worried that you may be sharing some hosting with unsavoury websites, you can check what other sites are on ther same server in Bing by using the "IP:" search

This can also be used to keep track of what's on each of your servers.