Saturday, 4 December 2010

Free FTP Account

Here is a free FTP account, anyone can use it to upload anything...
  • FTP Username:
  • Password: nniyadiloh
  • FTP Server:
  • FTP Server Port: 21
- I've got ample space on this server, I'm willing to share with others.

Is it private?
- Nope, anyone can access it, delete your files that you uploaded, rename them, download them, whatever

Can I access this over a browser?
- is the root.

Can you help me install Wordpress / Joomla / Whatever?
- Nope.

Can I upload dodgy stuff?
- It will be deleted, and your IP blocked, all uploads are moderated.

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FreebieSMS said...

Here is a quick link to an online FTP Client: